Sarti is situated on the Eastern shores of Sithonia. It was named after the Ancient city of Sarti, probably situated in the same area. The name "SARTI" can be found in the writings of Herodotus. It was visited by Xerxes' expeditionary forces. Ancient Sarti was a member of the Athenian Alliance. 

Today Sarti is a holiday resort that combines the beauty of mountain and sea, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and secluded coves that enchant the visitor, leaving him with unforgettable memories. The area is ideal for all kinds of watersports. 

Relax enjoying your coffee or ice-cream in one of the quiet cafes or get into the rhythm of the intense night-life. You can take a short afternoon walk to the Monastery of Xenofontos, which is located 500 m from the village. The church was built in 1867 and the rest or the buildings in 1900. Excursions set out daily to Mount Athos .

Here is a video of the history from 
The Cultural Association of Sarti "Afisia"

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