The entrance and it's distance from the sea, only a few steps !

( Click on the images to enlarge. )

... and this the view of the Seaside Rooms and the Roofgarden ...

This is the view from the house , from the Roofgarden
and moreover from all the seaside rooms.
Its a compilation of 4 photos so you can see almost all the view .
The view is Agion Oros (history of ) / Mount Athos (history
of the monasteries) .

 The Entrance of Glaros House with welcoming sketches !

And the Backyard area with available tables to 
relax and have your breakfast or your evening coffee.

and here you see where the Backyard rooms are and their view 

The Ground area in front of the house, with plenty of space so the kids can play or make a gathering with your friends...

 ...another view of the Groundside area ...


Here you can see one of the Seaside Rooms in the second floor .
All seaside rooms are almost the same , and have an average
height wall usually between the double bed and the two single ones.

These rooms are suggested for families and non ...

 and the average height wall is like this ...
Another Seaside room with the medium height 
wall seperating the two singles

All the Ground rooms are quite like this one ...

except this one that has two rooms .


 Here you can see the Roofgarden where you can have a 
pleasant coffee time or have a dinner with your friends.